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Inspect your roof

Asphalt Roof

Since roofing shingles are brittle in winter, they may break if you handle or walk on them. This makes spring a good time to do an inspection . Look for loose or curling shingles. Visually inspect your roof. Extensive damage can be caused when shingles become loose or fall off completely. Look for signs of age such as curling, shrinking, or broken or missing shingles. In order to avoid costly leaks, repair or replace damaged or missing shingles.

Flat Roof: Commonly tar & gravel or asphalt roll roofing.

  • Are there bubbles, blisters, or cracks in the membrane? The roofing membrane should be tight to the
    deck and not move under foot.
  • Metal Flashing: Is there loose, missing, or rusted sheet metal flashing at chimneys, valleys, ridges, parapet walls, roof
    penetrations or other roof terminations?

Pitched Roof: Commonly shakes or shingles.

  • Wood shakes or Shingles - are shingles missing or curling on the edges?
  • Asphalt Shingles - are shingles missing, curling on the edges or losing mineral coating
  • Gutters: an essential part of protecting lower building walls.
  • Are there loose, rotted or missing gutters or downspouts?
  • Are gutters clean and free-flowing?








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